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Honduras Mission Trip Update

Hello fellow MAJC members!

We recently traveled to La Ceiba, Honduras with a small group of four. While there we had the opportunity to speak individually into several lives. These are people that we’ve met over the last few years and have built relationships with them. I’d like to tell you a little about them.

The first is Janeth. She married several years ago but was told she would never be able to have children. Her husband Jorge prayed over her and they had their first child nine months later. Their second child was born last year and named after two ladies from our church that went on last year’s missions trip to Honduras. Today, we see a woman that God is developing to be one of the women voices of Honduras that will speak out and proclaim all that God has in store for the people of Honduras. A quiet unassuming woman who is to be a powerhouse for God!

Another person is Tatiana. She is attempting to follow God through adversity. She loves God but circumstances caused her to question everything because so much seemed in doubt and adversity surrounded her. But God. She heard from God in a very specific way a few months ago. While we were there we had the opportunity to talk and pray with her. So she quit her job! No joke, she said that’s what she felt she must do. She said that she can sell 36 sandwiches a day in the market to make ends meet. So she went home took inventory of what she had, which included bread and pork. The day after she quit her job she went to the market and sold every sandwich that she made! Part of her future involves missions. She doesn’t know in what capacity but she is moving forward with God. She too will be one of the women voices speaking out in Honduras and great things are in store.

Edgar is the third person I want to mention. Last year God brought us closer together in the ocean. He doesn’t know how to swim but jumped out of a boat with a life jacket on like the rest of us. Unfortunately he didn’t make it too far before panic snuck in and the life jacket began to sneak off. I was near him and heard him begin to panic. Calm patient words, my company, and a gracious God saw us both to shore safely. Yes, that is the short version of the story. This year I had the opportunity to pray with Edgar and to talk with him. He loves God and desires to serve Him. He has a heart to serve but is facing some personal challenges. Right now, we are praying for God’s grace to cover those challenges and for Edgar to walk closer with God. Edgar will be a voice and a force for God within Honduras but possibly outside the country as well. He doesn’t know that yet. God is doing an amazing work.

There are more to each of the above stories as well as additional stories to tell, but we just don’t have the time to put it all down. God is moving in rather dramatic ways and it is exciting to be part of it. If you feel God moving you to do so, please consider becoming involved in a short-term missions trip. You, God, and the people you meet will create your own stories and in the process you will fulfill the Great Commission! Come on now, that has got to get you excited!!

There is more to tell about how God is connecting our ministries throughout the world, but that will have to wait for now.

Love in Christ,

Kevin Schwartz

MAJC Missions Director

(So, text me and let’s talk about how you can be more involved!)

(828) 505-6116

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