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2023 Missions Update

MAJC Missions Update 2023

2022 allowed visits our ministry partners in Nepal and Honduras along with MAJC missionaries, Mark & Laura Gibbs living in Portugal. It is so encouraging to see the lives impacted by the grace of Jesus!

Unreached people groups in Nepal continue to be reached with the Word of God and many are committing their lives to Christ! Honduran missions' teams continue to travel to neighboring countries with the Gospel message with amazing results. And then of course, you see the headlines and the praise reports about revival and what God is doing around the United States.

These praise reports extend throughout 2023 also! God is drawing people to Him one by one as well as by the hundreds! Please pray for these new Christians to find root in the Word of God and within the Body of Christ.

God put our travel plans for missions' trips on hold in 2023. We weren't completely sure why but God is showing us some of the reasons already. In spite of not visiting personally, our ministry partners pursue the Great Commission with great passion!

New churches open regularly in Nepal with dozens being baptized in each village or area. These churches begin as house churches and expand as God's harvest workers spread the Good News and His Word is preached. Prayer support is needed for these new believers, new churches, and new pastors. Financial support is needed for travel expense and for Bibles as Pastor's carry the Gospel throughout the country. Please pray about supporting the work.

Mark and Laura Gibbs have a vibrant ministry bridging many countries including their new home country of Portugal. Whether it is a Bible Study, prayer meeting, or encouraging other pastors and missionaries in Portugal; or preaching through Zoom calls in countries scattered throughout Africa, Asia, and India; the Gibbs' have a heart for God and the Great Commission. They will be attending the MAJC Gathering in Branson, so seek them out and learn more about what God is doing through their ministry Paraklesis Ministries.

The work of our MAJC missionaries, Javier & Danielle Mendoza with Connect Global, has been encouraging in Honduras. There is much need and the work of Connect Global persists in assisting school children, mothers and new borns in the La Ceiba maternity home, orphanages, churches, Honduran missionary trips to other countries, encouragement and support of so many. It is always so encouraging to see the lives of people changed by the grace of God!

Interestingly, since the Mendoza's were ordained in the MAJC Gathering last year, God has begun calling them into additional ministry in Honduras and in Florida. They are pastoring, mentoring, and living out their walk with God.

These updates are never enough to relay the stories of God's amazing grace but hopefully you see a glimpse of what God is doing through MAJC and our partner ministries around the world.

If you wish to be more involved or be part of one of the teams, contact Kevin Schwartz.

Kevin Schwartz

MAJC Missions

79 Piney Mountain Drive

Asheville, NC 28805

If you wish to support MAJC missions financially, send checks to:


Missions Giving

5533 Loop 281

Longview, TX 75602

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