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2022 Missions Update

Our MAJC Missions update has been overdue. In a word – CoVid. It implies so much chaos and loss, not just for us in the United States but impacting people around the world. We have each experienced the chaos of quarantine and rules for safety post CoVid; as well as the loss of family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. We are learning to live with loss and finding that the joy and peace of God extends into every aspect of our lives still. But God. He is our joy. He is our peace. He is the source of our love and our very being.

Throughout quarantine, and since, we have maintained communication and prayer with our co-workers in faith around the globe. In many countries where people earn the money to buy the food they need for nourishment that day, quarantine mandates meant that they may not eat. Added to this were the devastating hurricanes and floods that took place in countries such as Honduras and Nepal. People were literally starving to death during quarantine. As we found out about the needs, financial assistance was sent to buy food and resources to sustain not just our brothers and sisters of faith but their family and neighbors as well. The result was that lives were saved … and the Word of God went forth and hearts were redeemed!

The Gospel continues to be shared and lives changed forever. In Western Nepal the Gospel is being shared with unreached people groups in the Himalayan mountains!! On one such trip, the Gospel was shared with over three hundred people with nearly half of these people making commitments for Jesus. They heard His name and about His love for the first time and were drawn into a relationship with Jesus that will change who they are.

Thank you for giving into the prayer and financial support of MAJC Missions! Because of your prayers and support we can continue to impact lives in country after country.

This year we anticipate Missions trips to Honduras and Nepal with the possibility of another trip to Northern Africa. Please pray for open borders with no quarantine periods, for safety as we travel, and for God to prepare the way before us.

If you wish to be more involved or be part of one of the teams, contact Kevin Schwartz.

Kevin Schwartz

MAJC Missions

79 Piney Mountain Drive

Asheville, NC 28805

If you wish to support MAJC missions financially, send checks to:


Missions Giving

5533 Loop 281

Longview, TX 75602

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