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2020 Missions Update

Following the vision that God gave us for MAJC Missions, we witnessed amazing miracles around the world! God is good!

In Honduras, the La Ceiba Missions School saw some of its final steps to opening, which will happen this year! Hondurans feel God leading them to the Mission Field outside the borders of Honduras. God also opened up connections with some of our other Ministry Partners to receive and work with some of the Honduran Missionaries. From Europe to Africa to Asia, we see the Body of Christ coming together as one!

We were blessed to be part of the ministry in Kenya and see God give a new promise to the Church in Kenya. From Zephaniah 3, God is telling the Kenyan Church that they will have a gift to give back to Him, if they step outside the borders of their country to win souls. This gift are the souls of those they win to Christ! What an amazing promise! Kenya is ready to accept and to be part of the global initiative for the Great Commission.

With millions of believers in India, the Church has only begun to make an impact in this country. There is much more to be done, but it is encouraging to see the love of God in the Church of India. God is pouring out His anointing. There is a lot to be done and we need partners within MAJC to step up to God’s calling and go be a part of the great work in India.

Nepal continues to see revival! The Church continues to grow rapidly and the Church leaders are responding by opening a Bible School in 2020 to train new Christian leaders. They are also opening House Churches, which are packed and flooding out of the houses. There are not enough funds to build new churches so they are beginning to model part of the ministry after the early church. The Bible School was unfunded with little hope of acquiring the money. But God stepped in again. The Bible School will open because of a miracle that only God can do. The details cannot be published here but it is so encouraging to see God’s love for us when we follow His leading!

2020 will be another interesting year in the work of MAJC Missions. Our first trip, scheduled to go to Italy, has been postponed because of the Coronavirus. We know God has all of this under control and we are approaching each trip individually to see what God would have us do.

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