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501(c)3 Application/Renewal

The MAJC is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a Non-Profit 501c3 organization. With paid membership in the MAJC we can offer you 501c3 covering under our Parent Organizational Covering. According to the IRS you will need to request your 501c3 status each year at the time of your membership renewal.  This includes all ministers licensed with MAJC and the church they pastor or the ministry they lead. According to our by-laws and the information we furnished the IRS we can cover ministers, churches, and ministries headed by that minister: According to the IRS, we can NOT cover corporations that have their own 501c3 or a corporation·that is not directly connected to your personal ministry. 

If you do not have your own 501c3 you can be covered by ours. If you have your own 501c3 you will need to file the IRS 990-N using you own EIN number. 

If you do not have your own 501c3 and you are using ours, you will not need to file an IRS 990-N. You are covered by MAJC when we file each year. Do not attempt to file a 990-N using the MAJC EIN number. It will be rejected by the IRS. 

Thanks for Renewing.

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